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I'm Niletza, Friends call me: Nile or Letza, 20y/o, Taken by the two most wonderful people in the world, SCAD kid forever, Junior yr, Photo Major, GAY as fuck but I have a boyfriend so .-. , troubled but under control, Pink is my color, and Puerto Rican is what I am.

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You’re welcome.


oh this is gonna be good

I was not disappointed 

relevant :-(

Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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Minx is like wtf is this shit my mommys brought home?! 🐹🐱 #cat #hamster #wtf #curiouscat

He’s so tiny!!!🐹 #hamster #toocute #tiny #aw!

We got a new pet! And his name is George! 🐹 #hamster #george #sotiny #toocute
Happy 4th! 💋🗽🇺🇸 #ootd #murica #4thofjuly


Lots of fun DIYs on my Tumblr Kids’ Blog.


DIY Balloon Hovercraft. Top Photo: DIY by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. Middle Photo: GIF from YouTube video by GrandadIsAnOldMan. Bottom Photo: GIF from YouTube video by HeyThatsHolly. GIFs made by


DIY Glow Stick Glow In the Dark Balloon Tutorial from Say Yes. 
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For a Roundup of DIY Galaxy and Glow In The Dark Jars Tutorials go here.

DIY Glow in The Dark Bowling for under $1 from Growing A Jeweled Rose. Glow sticks and a hamster ball - tips and tricks for this DIY at the link.
I guess I made a bed a year ago.